Risks of 3rd and 4th generation birth control pills

This website publishes the risks and side-effects caused by 3rd and 4th generation birth control pills. These pills are, among others:

  • Diane-35
  • Meliane
  • Deso 20
  • Mercilon
  • Yasmin
  • Yaz
  • Evra Patch
  • Femodene
  • Gedarel
  • Katya
  • Marvelon
  • Millinette
  • Sunya
  • Triadene
  • Zoely

Officially the Diane-35 pil can be prescribed for acné and excessive hair growth, but often doctors will prescribe a lot of off-label pills. Using these pills can lead to blood cloths, disability, and death.

In the Netherlands there were 18 cases of death – related to these birth control pills – registered by May 2013. 23 patients haven’t recovered and are forced to live with disabilities. 130 patients have recovered but have to deal with leftover damage to their health. 47 patients are still recovering. Read more about this on page 8 of the Lareb Report on side-effects of Diane-35 on May 17, 2013.

Since January 2014 76 pill related deaths were recorded in the Netherlands.

In England 60.000 doctors are required to inform women about the severely increased risk of blood cloths and death caused by 3rd and 4th generation pills, according to the Daily Mail on February 1st, 2014.

In France the pil has been recalled and banned after four deadly victims.

This website is published by Dutch foundation SIN-NL with the interests of the public at heart.